Amethyst Cotton and Linen Blend Bed Linens Duvets, Sheets, Shams & Pillow Cases. A beautiful Damask pattern on a cloth constructed of Natural Linen and Unbleached Cotton. No harsh chemicals or dyes are used. All shams, cases and top sheets are hemstitched to add to their elegance Thread count: The linen weft thread count is 120 per square inch. Linen threads are counted differently than cotton threads. When spun each individual linen thread is heavier than a cotton thread. Cotton threads because they are thinner are twisted as a two or three ply. Each single linen thread is twisted as a single ply. So a count of 120 linen single ply is actually a much closer weave when compared to a count of 202 two-ply cotton. 120-count linen would equal 240 two-ply cotton or 360 three-ply cotton. The cotton warp thread count is equal to a 280. Contact us for a swatch.
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