100% European Linen Crystal Linens Bed Linens These pure Linen sheets, shams and cases are cool to sleep on. That is why people in hot climates value linen so much. This fine linen gets softer and more lovely with age. All cases, shams and top sheets are traditionally hemstitched to add that European touch.

These sheets are manufactured and hemstitched in Europe. The thread count is 111. Thread count: Linen threads are counted differently than cotton threads. When spun each individual linen thread is heavier than a cotton thread. Cotton threads because they are thinner are twisted as a two or three ply. Each single linen thread is twisted as a single ply. So a count of 111 linen single ply is actually a much closer weave when compared to a count of 111 two-ply cotton. 111-count linen would equal 222 two-ply cotton or 333 three-ply cotton. Contact us for a swatch
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