Tea Cozies and Muff Tea Cozies or Tea Cosy and Muff Tea Cosies

A tea cozy and a muff tea cozy are designed to keep a pot of tea warm and cozy for hours without continuously cooking the tea. Originally the tea cozy was an Irish, English and Scottish tradition. Today it is enjoying an American renaissance. A warm pot of tea is an invitation to relax, and slow down. Tea and conversation go hand in hand. Our standard tea cozy and muff tea cozy are insulated with a thick ¾ inch fiberfill for warmth and easy care.

Our standard tea cozy and muff tea cozy can be tossed into the washing machine for easy care. The Muff has a round insulated bottom to protect your table. Some spell it tea cozy and some spell it tea cosy, whichever way you spell it we have a nice assortment to choose from. We have elegant White Irish Linen tea cozies that come either embroidered or plain with lace trim. Some are 100% linen, linen/cotton or 100% cotton and designs range from cats or dogs, botanicals, and flower and fruits, we even have shamrocks or Scottish plaids, pineapples or sail boats and gourmet, contemporary stripes, and even unusual cozies; one in the shape of a cat and one in the shape of an Irish cottage. Whatever your style or mood we have a cozy for you. The standard tea cozies are generally 14" wide and 10" high. The muff has an 8" diameter and a height of 6 1/2 and closes with either a stretch ribbon or ribbon tie. Relax and enjoy your tea in style.

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