The Best in Ski and Snowboard Leasing

New or Pre-Leased Option
In Season Exchange if different size is required
Expert and Professional fitted Equipment
No Cash Deposit with Credit Card Imprint

Seasonal Ski Leasing

Daily Ski Rentals Jr. & Adult
Daily Rental Jr. & Adult
PL 55
Demo Skis
PL 56
Skis Only
PL 52
PL 66
PL 51
Ski Breakage
PL 1
First Day $30.00 $50.00 $25.00 $10.00 $5.00 $2.00
Each Add. Day $10.00 $15.00 $10.00 $5.00 $1.00 $1.00

Daily Snowboard - Skiboard - X-Country Ski - Rack Rentals
Daily Rental Snowboard w/wo Boots
PL 59
Snowboard Breakage Insurance
PL 31
Skiboard w/wo Boots
PL 62
Skiboard Breakage Insurance
PL 1
X-Country Skis
PL 63
Ski Racks
PL 64
First Day $35.00 $3.00 $25.00 $2.00 $30.00 $25.00
Each Add. Day $10.00 $1.00 $10.00 $1.00 $10.00 $5.00

Racks & X-Country Skis   Rented by 24 hour period   Rental Rack Installation $10.00

Security Deposit
Daily & Seasonal Rentals
Imprint of Valid Credit Card or Cash
Skis-Boots- Poles $200.00   Demo Skis $600.00   Snowboards $ 300.00
50% of the Demo-Charge is deducted from the Purchase of New Skis
Not to exceed $ 100.00

Equipment Rental
At Sundown Ski and Snowboard Shop, we offer the option to rent alpine ski, cross country ski and snowboard equipment by the day or by the season.

Season Lease Info
1. The total lease charge must be paid for in full at the time the equipment is ordered
2. A credit card imprint is all that is required for a security deposit on leased equipment.
3. The customer is liable for the loss of or damage to the lease equipment up to the amount equal to the charge indicated on the rental price list.
4. No refunds on the lease will be if the equipment is returned prior to the expiration of the lease.
5. If at any time during the lease the customer requests the change in size of the equipment, Sundown will provide (if available) a comparable used item for a $10.00 adjustment charge.
New equipment will be replaced with used equipment. Any charge or upgrade is subject to the corresponding price increase and adjustment charge.
6. All seasonal lease equipment must be returned in good condition prior to August 15th immediately following the date of the lease.
7. If the equipment is not returned before August 31st immediately following the date of the lease, the customer's credit card will be charged with the amount indicated on the imprint taken and signed by the customer. This amount is indicated on the seasonal price list as a charge for "equipment not returned".